Work has kept me too busy to put any real effort into this project. I may get some time soon, so I'm excited about possibly bring a new update with respect to my last post.


Well, about another ten days have gone passed. I built a sitemap generator, but am not sure how I want to deploy the sitemap yet. I finished the first pass at the network testing tool I previously mentioned; however, now I need to develop a safeguard to prevent abuse. Sure, I could use a CAPTCHA, but I'd rather avoid putting CAPTCHAs all over the place. So the site pretty much looks the same, also, been working more, so less time for the site, but I wanted to put this update out there before too much time had passed. Lastly, a logo has been added.


Well, a little over a week has passed, and things are progressing nicely. I think I need a blog component on this site as using the front page is a bit wonky. The page builder and caching system is in a much better than just 10 days ago. I've added a contact page, a fun thing for math, a cache clear / rebuild mechanism, and javascript free site navigation (if your javascript is disabled). Still working on a new tool which is behind the scenes still. Also, been spending too much time at webhostingtalk.com building up my reputation within the community. After all, I need credibility when going after jobs.


After a brief hiatus, I am happy to return my presence to the web. My old site, sudokubob.com, was lost almost right away post Level 3 acquisition of Black Lotus Communications. I will repost my demos as well as fire up some old ones.